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Tweets Jul 30
Is the advice you've heard about following your passion all wrong? Learn the truth on this week's episode.
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Lawyerist's own Zack Glaser is our featured podcast guest this week discussing the most important questions and decisions around legal tech for small firms.
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Lead Generating A.I. Chatbot for Law Firms (Sponsored)
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How can you pivot your career or your life when you're feeling the nudge to make a change? Hear insights from author Jenny Blake!
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Take Your Firm to the Next Level (Sponsored)
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Protect from Future Disruption with Smart Business Decisions (Sponsored)
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What steps should you take when you want to branch out on your own as a solo or small firm? Find out this week from Lawyerist Lab leader Stephanie Everett.
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What does it mean to bring your human to work? Find out in this week's episode with author Erica Keswin!
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Be There For Your Clients 24/7 (Sponsored)
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Want tips from long-time remote work advocate Jason Fried? Catch the Basecamp CEO's insights in this week's podcast episode on how to remote work the right way.
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Are you falling for any of these lies about work? Listen to this week's episode with Ashley Goodall to find out!
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What do diversity, inclusion, and equity look like in your law firm? Discover actionable suggestions for revisiting these issues and making them a core part of how you work and serve.
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Big news shared on our podcast intro this week! But that's not the only reason to tune in- hear tips on what you need to do before you you create your strategic marketing plan.
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We're proud to welcome our new Lawyerist Legal Tech Advisor, , to the team!
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You can still make progress, but you might need to revisit your strategies. Listen in on this coaching call with Lawyerist Lab member Ryan McKeen to discover how he's moving forward with his firm mid-pandemic.
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Law firms of the future must be forward-thinking, technology-enabled, and committed to inclusion.
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If you liked our recent podcast episode with Emily Cooper about her sliding scale fees, you'll love this resource page on unbundled legal services.
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GNGF May 22
Right now over on our YouTube channel we're premiering our extended interview with Stephanie Everett! check it out
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What would happen if you needed to take some extended time off? Is your team capable of running your law firm if you're not there? Learn how Emily Cooper did it!
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Lawyerist President Stephanie Everett was just featured on Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders- take a listen now!
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