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Free eBook: The Business Call is Back (Sponsored)
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This week's Lawyerist Podcast we speak to professional adventurer Dean Cardinale about achieving big goals by taking informed risks and how this applies to business aspirations. Listen here:
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It’s Legal Technician according to one of the first.
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Answer1 Provides Virtual Receptionist Services at a Fraction of the Cost of an In-House Employee (Sponsored)
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Learn how attorneys on a legal insurance network experience similar practice growth benefits as doctors. (Sponsored)
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As the year draws to a close, consider increasing access to justice by donating to organizations that help individuals and communities thrive.
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Free Infographic: How Legal Insurance Compares to Health Insurance (Sponsored)
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From Prisons with , Hip-Hop Icons with , and Being Out at Work from . Tune in to this week's handpicked podcasts:
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Gabriel Teninbaum Dec 8
Awesome post, ! I take my students on a field trip to our local court to do just this. There are some somber looks when they realize how ugly it is. : Lawyers Need to Experience Court from the Self-Represented Litigant Perspective
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This is what millennial clients and employees want from your firm.
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Free Guide: 9 Ways to Get Paid More Quickly (Sponsored)
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We're excited to release our Legal Time and Billing Software Feature Comparison Chart, built to help lawyers find the right products and make the right buying decisions for their needs. Grab your copy here >>
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Excellent idea. We just scheduled an all-hands meeting to brainstorm ideas for ensuring the brevity of our meetings.
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See which 3 podcasts are on our radar this week. Discover at >>
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Free Infographic: How Lawyers Can Increase Their Billable Hours (Sponsored)
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Traklight Dec 4
For Insider or Insider Plus subscribers: Small Law Firm KPI Worksheet
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Chief Judge Stephen Dillard Dec 1
If you enjoy law-related podcasts, you'll also want to check out . was kind enough to interview me a while back. You can listen to that podcast episode here:
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Measure your way to greater profit with today's featured download: Small Law Firm KPI Worksheet
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Free Guide: Why Your Law Firm Needs an Online Payment System (Sponsored)
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🎧 Listen to an all new Lawyerist podcast: Rebooting the Law, with Ben Barton
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