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Tweets Feb 18
Give Your Clients Effective and Personalized Updates with Case Status (Sponsored)
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Cat Moon Feb 13
Many thanks to for inviting me to chat — always grateful for the opportunity to share about human-centered + ways to innovate to ! AND HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY !
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Megan Zavieh Feb 13
TBD changed everything. No joke.
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We'd like to track down the oldest practicing lawyer in the US. Anyone think they know them? ?
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Protect your data and give your law firm's security a boost by using a VPN.
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Ben Balter Feb 6
Talked a bit with of about how lawyers can adopt the workflows, tools, and philosophies of open source to make their legal practice more remote-friendly.
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CosmoLex’s Dedicated Team Makes Data Migration Easy (Sponsored)
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Do your browser tabs feel a little out of control? Check out these five tips for managing your tabs and speeding up your computer. Also, you'll probably feel far less anxious after cutting down on your . Woo hoo!
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We're hiring an Operations Manager & Executive Assistant. If you or someone you know lives in the Minneapolis area and wants to work with our amazing team check out the listing below.
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Check out Mark Bruce's reflections on being terminated from his law firm as a 60-year-old lawyer.
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Some of the most common questions we see in our Insider Facebook group are those surrounding the idea of hiring. If hiring has been on your mind lately, but you aren't sure where to start, you NEED to listen to our latest podcast with .
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Up Your Client Service With Podium (Sponsored)
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Reaching your goals requires strategy. Take our Small Firm Scorecard to get an idea of where your law business is excelling and where it could stand to improve, then use our free resources to start tackling your goals.
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Attack your law business' goals with an Insider Plus subscription. From exclusive discounts with our Affinity Partners to eBooks to templates and worksheets, you'll get everything you need to start reaching your goals.
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Still setting goals for your firm? Take our FREE assessment to help benchmark where your law business stands and work toward where you want to be.
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Today's podcast features , Community Director for Lawyerist, diving into hard questions small-firm lawyers need to ask themselves.
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Have you ever considered a subscription model for your law firm? Read why made the switch and how she anticipates it helping her better serve clients.
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Ruby Receptionists Adds Online Chats To Its Services (Sponsored)
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Make 2019 the year you commit to better links for your law firm's website. Link building is an incredibly important part of SEO and something you need to be doing.
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In this episode of Lawyerist Lens, talks about why lawyers should have social media, the do’s and don’ts using social media, and how to be a normal, engaging human while using different platforms. Watch and subscribe:
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