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Lauren Messman
a friend invited me to a brunch at her house, she took pics of the food for her blog, then charged me $8.62. I wasn't told to bring anything or to throw beforehand. It was too little for me to make a fuss about it...🙄
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Lauren Messman 29 May 18
Replying to @Nicole_Cliffe
*throw down beforehand
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Abby Koch 29 May 18
It's so... specific. To think that she spent time itemizing every little cost in order to charge down to the penny. Mind boggling.
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Jasmine Guillory 29 May 18
I am so outraged by all of these stories of people inviting people to their homes for meals and then charging them afterward! These are all bad prople! Their HOMES. Who told these people that was okay???
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Michaela Tesar 29 May 18
We are in the process of buying a house, and these stories are encouraging me to throw a decadent party and never mention money, ever.
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Tom Nawara 31 May 18
Venmo her for your modeling fee.
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