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The 23-campus California State University system plans to all but cancel in-person classes in the fall and instead will offer instruction primarily online, Chancellor Timothy White announced Tuesday
CSU plans to cancel most in-person classes this fall and rely mainly on virtual instruction amid the coronavirus crisis, the chancellor announced Tuesday.
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JaMarcus McSweeneyTodd May 12
Replying to @latimes
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Vik May 12
Replying to @SirtajP @latimes
Friendship ended with debt, now saving money is my friend
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Amy Gibson May 12
Lol adamsmith000031 from NY is going to boycott UC! I'm sure that will hurt 'em, Adam! They're sure going to miss you!
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Greg M. May 12
Replying to @latimes
Ate they going to offer students a discounted tuition, since no matter how they spin it, it’s not the same learning experience.
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Kate E May 12
Replying to @TennisGuyAz @latimes
I feel like they don’t have an excuse not to because it’s pre-planned. Schools got away with same prices when we left in March. Better see a change in $ when they have months to figure it out 🙃
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Jill May 12
Replying to @latimes @MasseyUni
I’ve done most of my degree via distance at
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