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USPS will leave the Universal Postal Union on October 17, ending 144 yrs of involvement in the international body that governs the exchange of mail & postal parcels between countries. The effect: a rate increase of at least 300% on postal parcel traffic.
USPS' impending exit from Universal Postal Union could send international air parcel rates soaring
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Heidi Schaible Sep 13
I love . Why doesn't everyone? These people are another kind of hero to me.
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Inversion Of Moral Code Sep 13
Republicans have long targeted to hobble the greatest delivery system in the world, our post office. Why? To benefit UPS & FedEx. Commercial businesses that donate to Trump campaign. Bonus 4 Trump - Amazon/ Bezos costs go up.
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honey bucket Sep 13
Military parcels will cost a lot more, mailing to & from foreign countries will cost a lot more also. Trump is destroying our country and its services to Americans. This is very bad for the US and isolates us from the world. To mail a postcard to Europe will cost $150.00 for 1.
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Per Simmons, Swedish Chef Sep 13
Trump is just trying to do as much damage as he can to our country before he’s forced out of office one way or another.
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J-V. Vernay Sep 13
Isn’t this the sort of thing that our government is supposed to forestall?
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A G H A S T Sep 13
Looks like opening the door to privatization
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Jon Smyth Sep 13
🤔 "a rate increase of at least 300% on postal parcel traffic" we keep taking hits
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Melanie Pumpkin Emoji Sep 13
A normal administration might have the USPS lean on the union to make China pay a higher rate but these people gotta burn it all down.
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