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Kingston Police
Re the hate-based threat letters, yes, Major Crime detectives are investigating the matter & taking it seriously.
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Siobhan 19 Jul 13
,Just saw this on FB glad you guys are on top of it. This is awful and I hope these people are caught.
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Keltie 19 Jul 13
Thank you for addressing this publicly. I'm gutted to see this happening in
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Rachel Kennedy 19 Jul 13
It's disgusting that this is even an issue. Thank you to the community and the police for their support.
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Peter Green 19 Jul 13
Thank you for taking these threats seriously, they make me very unsafe as a Kingston resident
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The Book of Bill 19 Jul 13
personally, I hope those bigots get shot in the fucking face.
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moonvoice 19 Jul 13
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CanadianVoipSupplier 20 Jul 13
Thank you. If you need any volunteers, let me know!
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AGC Tweets 22 Jul 13
Read on FB...Thx and keep up the great work. This group is beyond alarming... If you need volunteers I'm happy to help.
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