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Tweets Sep 18
FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, on my and the great Iranian nation's behalf, I thank you the glorious Iraqi nation, noble scholars, and officials for the outstanding welcoming of Imam Hussain's pilgrims during Arbaeen
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If Islamic countries’ capacities are collected, if Iran, Iraq & other countries of West Asia & North Africa get united, then the Islamic ummah will show what is, & will show the world the . Arbaeen march can be a means of achieving this goal.
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We should hold more fruitfully& spiritually as much as we can. Each Muslim's goal should be to build a . Islamic nations have a great capacity that, if exploited,can lead ummah to an apex. Founding an Islamic civilization is our ultimate goal.
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Arbaeen’s been & will become more globalized. This is Hussain's blood springing after 1400 years; his teachings increasingly become alive. ✊ Imam Hussain's message was emitted by his martyrdom in absolute loneliness, but today it has prevailed, will prevail the world ever more.
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belongs to humanity. We Shi'as are proud of following Imam Hussain, but he doesn't exclusively belong to us., , everyone is under the flag of Imam Hussain. Even non-Muslims partake in this splendid march& this phenomenon will continue, growing more vigorous.
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Today the world sees rule of arrogance, oppression & corruption. 's message saves the world, for his logic is a logic of defending truth; resisting oppression, deviance & arrogance. Today there's a need to introduce (pbuh) to the world more than ever.
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million march is truly a matchless incident not just in the contemporary era, but also throughout history and it is held every year more enthusiastically than before. This global movement has increasingly introduced (pbuh) to the world.
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In a few minutes: Statements in the ceremony of honoring Iraqi mawkib organizers of who host and welcome ’s (a.s.) pilgrims
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No negotiation will take place between the officials of the Islamic Republic and the U.S. at any level, whether in New York or anywhere else
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Sisters and brothers who hear these words, know that the improvement of the affairs of a country lies in the hands of the people of that country, particularly the youth. There is no hope in the foreigners and the decaying Western capitalism.
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Over the past 40 years, has been encountered by various tricks & enemies have failed to defeat Iran.Their policies have been defeated one after the other by Islamic Republic’s policies& Islamic Republic will continue to overcome them, coming out of the battle as victorious.
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By the U.S.’s doesn’t seek a fair solution, rather -as they say- they want to make demands for Iran to submit. For such negotiations they should go after those who act as their ‘’. Islamic Republic, is a Republic of believers in God & of dignity.
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If U.S. repents & returns to it withdrew from, then it can join & talk with among other members of the deal. Otherwise no negotiation will take place between Islamic Republic& U.S. officials at any level, whether in New York or anywhere else.
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1. Negotiation with U.S. means imposition of their demands on Iran 2. Negotiation means a show of the success of U.S.’s policy of maximum pressure. That’s why the respected President, FM & others unanimously declared we won’t negotiate with U.S. bilaterally or multilaterally.
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Statements will be released in a few minutes on the issue of with the U.S.
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الإمام الخامنئي Sep 10
مجلس عزاء ليلة الحادي عشر من محرّم في حسينية الإمام الخميني.
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Islam has been preserved by Imam Hussain’s uprising. Today this ceremony is held much more enthusiastically & extensively than 100 years ago. These are indicative of truths & a movement being led by Hussain Ibn Ali, that will be constructive & solve nations’ problems. 9/21/2017
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Imam Hussain’s (a.s.) uprising was aimed at bidding right & forbidding wrong. The perfect, ultimate form of bidding right is formation of an Islamic society/govt & the perfect, ultimate form of forbidding wrong is [forbidding] a tyrannical society. 1/02/2008
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The first evening of ceremonies mourning the martyrdom of the master of the martyrs— (a.s.)— was held with thousands of mourners and a group of officials in attendance.
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The Ceremony of Dusting and Cleaning of the Sacred Shrine of Imam Ridha (p.b.u.h.), ahead of Muharram
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