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Kelly Phares
In Columbia, SC today reiterated she is not thinking about a third party run for President. Gabbard told there are no circumstances under which she would change her mind saying "the answer's still the same".
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Cullen Tiernan 🦉🌺 Oct 26
Please, is this question considered a form of gaslighting yet?
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Shawna Burley 🌺 Oct 27
The media is so freaking lazy. They ask her the same three questions over and over again. I can't believe someone pays them. I could do their job WAY better.
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Cats are Russian Assets🌺☂️ Oct 26
Tulsi's patience 🙌
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Currie Dobson Oct 26
Yeah I know this is like the 568,245th time she has been asked this question 😂
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Deep State Jezebel Oct 26
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Michael Hinojosa Oct 26
What has she ever said that suggests she will
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Paul Christian Oct 26
I can see why Tulsi gets so upset with the media and the corporate Democrat establishment. They literally ask her the same questions over and over and make the same slanderous accusations no matter what she says or how many times she says it.
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Erick Cardona Oct 26
For the millionth time......Poor Tulsi, with that patience of a saint. 😂
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