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Karen Travers
NEW News/Wash Post poll: Americans split essentially evenly on impeaching Pres Trump & removing him from office. -49% say should, 47% say should not -Trump is at a career low job approval among Republicans, 74%. Down from high of 87% in July. -overall job approval 38%
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Karen Travers 1 Nov 19
Replying to @karentravers
MORE: -58% disapprove of the way Trump has responded to the impeachment inquiry -50% disapprove of how the Democrats in Congress have handled it overall -65% say initial hearings should be public
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True Blue American Woman 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸 1 Nov 19
I agree. It’s hard to imagine that quarter who disapprove still claim affiliation with the Republican Party.
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redheadbarb 1 Nov 19
The public hearings haven’t even started yet. We are at the STARTING line.
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Grytpype-Thynne 🗽UNPACK THE COURTS 🌊 1 Nov 19
A plurality supports removal. 49-47 is not “evenly split”
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Jake Wright 1 Nov 19
The margin of error ±3.7%. A two point gap is statistically evenly split.
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Mark Yellin 1 Nov 19
I just hope this matters, but I suspect it doesn't.
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Jacob T. Levy 1 Nov 19
It matters. Whether it matters *decisively* is different.
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The Orange-inal 1 Nov 19
Karen, are there numbers for support for just opening the impeachment inquiry?
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