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(((Captain Ratio Hornblower)))
The NYTimes is cheering on the weaponization of the IRS against people they don't like.
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Kali Gal ⭐⭐⭐ 5 Mar 17
by way of a federal crime. Go figure.
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Mr. Toad 5 Mar 17
IRS has always been a weapon in the hands of an unfeeling government. Dismantle it.
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ebergan 6 Mar 17
- They're literally suborning federal crimes.
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ray martin 6 Mar 17
i unsuscribed 20 yrs ago and i still wonder what took me so long!
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David Erickson 6 Mar 17
you wouldn't be asking them to do anything Illegal now would you lol
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Brian Hipp 5 Mar 17
Actually, he seems to be soliciting a felony with his tweet. Trump brings out the worst in everything.
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