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John Podhoretz
This may be the best and most moving article Slate has ever published.
If you’d told me five years ago that I was soon to bear a disabled child with blood cancer—for whom I’d have to surrender, possibly forever, career and ...
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mike fox 28 Nov 12
Amazing article. Emotional, Raw & Real.
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GeriRosman 28 Nov 12
Thanks so much for sharing this.
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Mary Fernandez 28 Nov 12
Wow. Brought tears to my eyes.
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#NeverTrump Jennine 28 Nov 12
what a wonderful terrible story. Hope someone sent a copy to the miserable life form who fathered this beautiful child.
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Travis Bunger 28 Nov 12
Our oldest daughter has DS. I wish more people would read stories like this before making irreversible "choices."
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