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Jon Donnison
IDF just gave me latest figures: Today: 90 rockets fired from . 51 intercepted, 39 hit Israel. 100 Gaza sites targeted by IDF
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Stefan Camilleri 20 Nov 12
Whats the deal, they stop the ones that they think will hit something? Don't hit ones which will land on land? How's it work?
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Amani تويتة عالماشي 20 Nov 12
And how many people were killed or injured on the Israeli side By the rockets? 7 were killed in . One-sided reporting!
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Dennis JP Meu75 20 Nov 12
will there ever be peace in the middle east?
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Gaza Writes Back 20 Nov 12
was it you who posted a picture from Syria claiming it is from Gaza?
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Haya Eytan 20 Nov 12
& what about those that fall in Gaza and injure & kill people??? What about them???
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