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Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
Oh man, ’s campaign better use this clip for a campaign ad for Florida and Iowa before the end of today!!
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Penny Ray #ResistTrump #Progressive. Oct 15
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Tim Thomas 🌶️ Oct 15
I don't think he understands the difference between winning and being nominated.
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Gwen Austin Oct 15
I guess these people just want to be entertained 😬
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Joe Schmoe🇺🇸 Oct 15
The crazy thing is, he was in Iowa at the time!!! It must be so confusing to be a Trumper.
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Patrick O'Neil Oct 15
I don’t recall Iowa having flooding recently. A windstorm, but not flooding. He can even get that right.
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The Civil Liberal Oct 15
Almost all those attendees still will be voting for Trump but you know they cringed and thought it was pathetic listening to that spiel. They won’t admit it but they did. They just don’t look that entertained.
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J P Oct 15
100%. The feigned claps were a nice touch to drown out the crickets chirping.
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Marla Egers Oct 15
You didn’t win the prize!! Hello!
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Toni 🦋♥️ Oct 15
The man has no low. Nothing he says it does shocks me anymore.
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Jacki Challoner Oct 15
Donald misunderstood. He was nominated for the Piece Prize, not the Peace Prize.
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