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John Sweeney
March 22 Peter Hitchens writes in Mail On Sunday that shutdown is based on "mere speculation". That is a lie. Here I ask Mail On Sunday to stop publishing dangerous nonsense of Death's Useful Idiot. Full video here:
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Monsignor it's all Corbyn's fault. Mar 22
The soubriquet could apply as accurately to Cummings:
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Jane Gilbert Mar 22
isn't the non-shutdown also speculative?
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Cui Prodest Mar 22
The age of Irresponsability
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JC @bighouseburning Mar 22
John. My other half is Japanese and in Japan, theatres and restaurants and so on - are all open. They are deep cleaned but that's it. The spread and fatality numbers there are much lower. It's the data that makes us question approaches - not who says it... :/
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Chris Lowndes Mar 22
I am here in Tokyo Everything is still open but very few are venturing out, mostly foreigners and wealthy families with big cars and money burning their pockets. The collective responsibity is the difference. The Japanese people nearly always think of themselves as one.
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Levelling down Mar 22
It's time these crowd-chasing rags were also put into shutdown. They love their war talk: *careless talk costs lives*
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JP Mar 22
what's you view on the "Emergency Powers Bill" which he does eventually mention in his "article"?
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Anomalous Drifter Mar 22
At no point in the piece did he say: ‘ignore all the advice you’ve been given, carry on as though nothing is happening’, he is simply questioning whether the government’s measures, which could do serious damage to the economy and civil liberties, are sensible.
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Tim Kelly #StayHome #TestTraceIsolate Mar 22
Look... I know Hitchens needs to make a living, and he does this through what he affectionately believes is "journalism". Can I therefore suggest that he writes about something possibly less contentious? A gardening column, perhaps
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Steve Roberts Mar 22
Hi Billy the key difference is this virus puts you on a ventilator , in general flu doesn’t. Therefore, the icu is full and if you are unlucky enough to be in a crash for example there will be no room in the Inn. So people will die from non-virus events. Cheers Steve
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