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Jonathan Ichikawa
Hi Christa, I just wanted to say again, thanks for all the work you are doing staying on top of these conversations. It's incredibly valuable labour, although I do wish it didn't fall so heavily in you specifically
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quaranbean Aug 27
Replying to @jichikawa @Khaos004
Thanks Jonathan. Like I said in the tweet our pal here got this from, this is actually an automatic applet! I thought it would be good to have an archive just in case anything wild happens, since Dr. Stock has alluded to the possibility of legal action against her opponents, etc
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Jonathan Ichikawa Aug 27
Yeah obviously it's not hard to save stuff with ifttt, but it's still a serious labour to set it up and maintain it, not to mention everything else you do
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Quiggie Aug 28
Oh keeping files on citizens isn’t Stasi-like at all!
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Uberman21 Aug 29
Well done Jonathan, stalker by proxy
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Karen Stopford Aug 29
Wow are you actually congratulating someone for stalking?
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Luke Sep 3
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