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Some Toons have been asking to see the original concept map for Toontown. Well, here it is.
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Just a BLU Toon 25 Mar 16
Replying to @jesseschell
My wonder is: Why does Funny Farm look as if the Cogs own it?
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JesseSchell 25 Mar 16
Replying to @JustaBLUToon
@SheriffAlvinTTR It was where all the old fashioned black and white toons lived.
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JesseSchell 12 Mar 16
@MasterLoopyDog Yep -- you got it -- Oswald, Clarabelle, Black and White Mickey -- that was Bruce Woodside's idea, if I remember right.
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JesseSchell 19 Jun 16
Replying to @BrevinStevens
So glad you like Toontown! It’s fun building new things.
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Sam Adornetto 2 Apr 16
Why was The funny farm never made? And if it was made, where would the tunnels for it go?
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JesseSchell 3 Apr 16
The b&w was confusing, it looks cog-like. And it wasn’t as interesting as the alternatives. Tunnels? Not sure.
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TheSlobster 13 Mar 16
Replying to @jesseschell
Any chance this model still exists?
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JesseSchell 14 Mar 16
Replying to @TheToonyToon
It’s somewhere in the Disney vault, I’m sure!
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Christian Durnan 14 Mar 16
So where is that last location? you know the grey one on the map, we would like to see what that is...
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JesseSchell 15 Mar 16
Replying to @TrueHunterMaste
It’s the Funny Farm. Where is it? It’s right there!
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