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Jerry Seeger
Melania was sporting a coat that cost $51,500! That's more than most teachers make in a year! A $51, 500 coat doesn't make economic sense.
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Peggy M 26 May 17
Talk about out of touch I posted earlier we'd best not be $ for her wardrobe
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MaryBlue 26 May 17
And we pay nearly a million a day for her to live in NYC. Her flaunting a $50k jacket should be upsetting to all
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objkshn 26 May 17
A $51,500 coat better wash the car, do the dishes and take out the trash in addition to keeping you warm.
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Mr. Terborg 26 May 17
Replying to @jerry_seeger @WeirMB
No, but does teaching?
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vicki ross 26 May 17
And not exactly like a good ole Levi's Jean jacket you can wear every day
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