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Jennifer Brown
Me and my colleagues , and have made an interactive map of coronavirus restrictions. Find out what restrictions apply where you are by clicking the link.
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Matthew Somerville Sep 30
Looks nice, though some sort of postcode lookup (cough :-) ) I find easier to use. Wales restrictions are also on entering area, not just leaving, I believe; hope that’s helpful.
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Jennifer Brown Sep 30
Thanks Matthew! Some of the restrictions have been simplified for the map. My accompanying briefing paper (linked on the map) has more details.
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Russ Garrett Sep 30
Oh, this is exactly what I was avoiding building, thanks!
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Tony Kennick is job hunting Sep 30
Feature suggestion: request location from the user's browser and if within the UK zooming to that area. It feels like it would probably hit a lot of users' needs. ("what are the restrictions where I am" ) apologies for not validating this with users.
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Damien Ransome Oct 2
Much of UK city level IP geolocation is wrong...
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Arabella Sep 30
Love this. Can you say how often it will be updated?
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Ali Sep 30
Awesome job and kudos to all involved! A really useful resource to track what’s going on. Being a bit geeky are you able to share broadly what tech was involved?
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Oli Hawkins Sep 30
Thanks Ali. It’s Leaflet and vanilla JavaScript transpiled and polyfilled to work in older browsers. The tiles for the base layer are served from Mapbox. In this case the boundaries are just simple geojson (i.e. not a tile layer). Carl created the boundary layer in QGIS.
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Just a chair™ *dirty covid infested northerner* Sep 30
Wow. This is so useful. Thank you x
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Telstar Sep 30
This is brilliant! I’ve been advocating something as simple and clear like this for ages! Next step .... please invite yourself onto every weather forecast platform ... (and next Gov briefing) ... to help communicate this to the U.K. public ... to provide clarity to them👍
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