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Jean Guerrero
BREAKING: Commander Jonathan White of HHS just admitted he warned Trump & Sessions about "significant risk of harm" & "psychological injury" as consequence of zero tolerance & was ignored:
The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. EDT today. Watch it here.
PBS NewsHour PBS NewsHour @NewsHour
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carl lance ferret jr 31 Jul 18
Nah, they didn't ignore it. It validated the intended plan
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Beth Bryson 31 Jul 18
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vivian v 31 Jul 18
This sons of b**ches don’t care if they harm poor brown children.
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I suspect some of them actively WANT to hurt brown kids.
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KC 31 Jul 18
The people who ordered this and the people who follow these orders need to be held accountable for the irreversible damage they are doing to these children and their families.
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#WhenWeAllVote🗳🇺🇸 31 Jul 18
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Socially Distant WarrenCrat 🏳️‍🌈🚀⚛️🌵 31 Jul 18
Hello if you think it is bad to kidnap children from their parents knowing that there was a significant risk of harm & psychological injury. Then vote for the candidate whom didn't vote to defend ICE. Vote: @deedra2018 August 2018
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Just Phyllis 31 Jul 18
The parents need to be held accountable! They are the ones that drag their kids across Mexico, so dangerous, and enter the US ILLEGALLY knowing full well they will be separated from them, yet they do it anyway...these parents do not care about the welfare of their children!
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Oldhippie(Resist Trump) 31 Jul 18
I agree
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