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Jayson Stark
& Marlins have talked about Angels' spare bats. But Marlins appear to prefer the bat who's least likely to get traded, Mark Trumbo.
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Ryan VanderYacht 18 Dec 12
Halos would be foolish to trade Trumbo, especially for any pitching Miami has to offer.
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Brent Schuber 18 Dec 12
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JoshuanPerera6 18 Dec 12
Of course, the go the completely unreasonable route. What's new?
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Garrett Thomas 18 Dec 12
any word on and talking bout an outfielder?
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DrFlimFlam 18 Dec 12
I like Trumbo, but how overvalued is he at this point? Sell high, Angels!
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William A. Watkins 18 Dec 12
they better send King Felix for way Halo's part with him for depth
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Jim Ford 18 Dec 12
these 2 teams talking make sense.Marlins could care less about competitiveness, just money.Halos care so much they will spend all$
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Tyler Arrington 18 Dec 12
most unreasonable franchise in baseball. Glad I left them
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Chris Henderson 18 Dec 12
and the cheapest....
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Tyler Hawthorne 18 Dec 12
Unless they're willing to go Stanton for Trumbo (packaged deal for both) I don't even see that as comical.
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Bill Rasure 18 Dec 12
knowing the Marlins, I thought you literally meant spare bats!!!
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Matt Jackson 18 Dec 12
I literally thought the marlins were looking to get a deal on actual spare bats from the angels. Gotta save where you can...
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