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Jay Janner
A woman cries after she was shot in the abdomen with a non lethal round while protesting at the Austin Police Department Headquarters on Saturday. The woman, who said she was pregnant, cried “My baby!, My baby!”
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Fencient Jun 1
I'm not married, but when I tell the mother of my son to do or not do something, she knows she better do it.
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H.B. Jun 1
Risk will never be completely eliminated for her as long as a prejudiced system is in place. That’s why she was protesting.
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Toring Jun 1
Any risky activity
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Thicki Minaj Jun 2
I want yall to understand that not EVERYONE needs to be protesting. The fight doesn’t start or end with protesting. Theres other ways to help the cause. We wouldn’t expect or pressure those who are disabled or who are dealing with mental issues to protest.
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🇨🇦 Drama Queen 💁‍♀️ Jun 1
Replying to @SaranekaM @jayjanner
Protesting while pregnant? Shake my head
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Wank Jun 2
Ahh yes because she should already know that as a black women she would be shot for protesting.
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☂🌂Trish🐱🏳️‍🌈 Jun 1
How dare a person try and have their voice heard and expect to not be met with violence by the people meant to "protect and serve"
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Even if it wasn't, you think shooting a pregnant woman in the stomach is okay?
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정한's smile // #BlackLivesMatter // nsfw 🔞 Jun 1
It's a fake account
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Kratospchbus7 Jun 1
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