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jane arraf
This is stunning - prime minister tells parliament US troops should leave. Says called him to ask him to mediate with and then ordered drone strike on Soleimani. Says Soleimani carrying response to Saudi initiative to defuse tension when he was hit.
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Jefferson Morley Jan 5
what's the source Jane?
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jane arraf Jan 5
The US-backed prime minister of Iraq was the source...Outgoing but still PM.
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🌹Arachnet 🌻 Jan 5
Or there was never any true intention of mediating, they just wanted Soleimani in position.
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BLM 🌹 Jan 5
Wow! So Trump ordered a hit on a foreign diplomatic envoy. That in it self is considered a warcrime.
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IO | 🇦🇨 Jan 5
While carrying outt diplomatic duties. I am no international lawyer. But i can tell this is questionable
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Kevin MacDermott Jan 5
If you left Iraq, how come Solieman and his followers were able to target and kill a US contractor and bases housing US military personnel. When you leave there isn't some part still there.
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Steve Johnson Jan 5
I heard that Soleimani was on his way to make peace with the whole world when he was hit. Also delivering food and blankets to homeless people in Baghdad. I heard this from a "reliable source."
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paulaptb Jan 5
Yeah, maybe not. But when having to decide who to believe, the PM of Iraq, or Trump, it is truly a toss up. And that's a big problem. Trump went this alone without consulting Congress or our allies. So its his word -- which we have 16,000 reasons not to trust.
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