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Jamie White
Entrepreneur & Holistic Business Coach 👉🏼Helping People Improve Their Business & Life 👉🏼Host, The University of Life Podcast 👉🏼See Link Below For More
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Abby Wynne Aug 8
I’m on University if Life podcast - I really enjoyed chatting with him! Here’s the link if you want to listen:
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Jamie White Jul 30
Took a lot from last nights chat together with @DaraDynamite on all things related to TikTok. Sharing some of the key takeaways here and if you’d like to watch it back you’ll find it in the resources section of my…
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Jamie White Jul 24
Wow it’s nice to catch up with friends, in this case very old friends. Had an impromptu & long overdue play school reunion with spectrum.of.connection & @ Castle Park School
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Jamie White Jul 22
TikTok is the fastest growing social channel now and has more then a billion users worldwide. The platform has exploded over the past few months and if you want to learn more about it, what’s working, what isn’t and…
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Jamie White Jul 10
Wow, that was the breakthrough I was looking for!!! Whatever about personal development, self help books and therapies.... The post lockdown hair cut is the cure. Thank you itsseanybeebaby & @ Cut…
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Jamie White Jun 23
On screen, it’s impossible not to notice ’s unending charisma and the vibrancy that beams out from any channel he graces, but have you ever met the man behind the scenes? Here, Darren shines a light on…
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Jamie White Jun 19
Has anyone else found that has helped them reprioritize and do more of the simple things that they really enjoy? The swimming buzz has me now, next I’ll be buying a @ Vico Baths
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