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Car Servicing just got simpler & a little bit Greener. Compare/Book local garages for Servicing & Repairs and Offset some Carbon Emissions. 🚙
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MediaCube-IADT Jan 30
Congratulations to Paul McCarthy from Snapfix who won the Lead Entrepreneur Award last night at the Showcase hosted by ! Great to see our alumnus being recognised! Thanks to for their support!
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Amazing story from ⁦⁩ and Eric on how ⁦⁩ he grew from dream into an amazing success story ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Great to see so many wonderful startups at the annual New Frontiers al Showcase.
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Bláithín Brady Jan 24
My favourite emails to be signing off! Patient at 7.5/12 post ACL. In contact and complying with rehab, return to play specifics and injury prevention work. These cases are a team effort between patient/athlete, surgeon and physio! We’re all on the home run now! 💪🏻
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It’s going to be a really tall order for Ireland to get even close to the 2030 targets. Really great article here from .
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What are the chances of that 🤔
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Great presentation from Eric Partaker about high performance teams. Inspiring stuff for about creating high performance days
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Read my interview with Nina Weizenecker, an automotive blogger from Germany! -
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Evan Kirstel Jan 6
Competitor with their massive 48" smart display will soon start mass production
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Adrian Weckler Jan 6
"Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google will soon have 20,000 workers in New York City." Facebook, Google and Amazon already near 15,000 in Dublin City.
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Is your cars NCT due soon? we make getting your car NCT fit a breeze. #2020 visit to get started. We have over 50 garages signed up to in Dublin.
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Another interesting blog item for our followers on Driving under extreme conditions
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Kicking off 2020 from 🚘 - check out some of our latest blog items to help keep your car in good nick.
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The Jalopy blog has a lot of useful info about getting the best from your car and tips on safety and best practices. Check out one our latest item on Winter tyres. Good to know!!
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Ever wonder how often you need to get your oil changed? Well check out our latest blog item for guidance and what to watch out for.
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Nice piece . Didn't realise the limitations applied to these physical tests. I would have thought most manufacturers would be basing their design or virtual computer based testing now across all permutations?
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Nice topic on our Jalopy blog today for those of us lucky to live near the sea and want to keep you car in good nick.😉🚘🚗
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Announcing the launch our new blog. Our first blog item covers a couple of tips for first time car owners. We will be adding articles regularly that aim help people get the best out of their vehicle. Would love to hear what you all think.
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