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LAppSter - Launch Apps Faster on Android
Tweets 24 Dec 13
Wish you all Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year! The new version with various bugfixes is available in the Play Store ;)
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Replying to @alexey_r
simple use translit - russian letters will be recognized. русские буквы преобразуются про поиске в латиницу - можно искать так
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Due the meaning of word "fap" in English slang, the app name will be changed to "LAppSter - Launch Apps Faster"
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I hope you have got the update to 1.5.0 with the new widget? It is uploaded to Google Play and should be delivered to all users soon.
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The new widget is ready for the upcoming version 1.5.0
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The new version 1.4.0 has been uploaded to Google Play Store. Here is a screenshot of the new view of app details
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FAppSter is on Twitter now! Yeeaa!
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