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mcc Nov 8
The only thing I actively dislike abt Death Stranding so far is the font size It's tiny, I'm sure it's completely unreadable from more than 3 feet away from a TV, and it doesn't seem to be customizable How does this keep happening. Is every gamedev now playing on a desk monitor
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moth dad
every game dev everywhere comes in to the office each day to design UIs on multiple massive screens two inches in front of their face and then go home, turn on the tv across the room and complains how they cant read text in anyone else's game
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π•π•šπ•ž π•Œπ•Ÿπ•¨π•šπ•Ÿ Nov 9
UI guy here: Use tape to mark a line three metres from the TV. When testing stand behind that line. Magic.
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Ian Hamilton Nov 9
And make sure it's a 40" TV, not just the biggest screen that company money could buy
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Justin Falcone Nov 9
Replying to @innesmck @mcclure111
this also explains like 80% of bad web design
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genderAlgebraist Nov 9
So what you’re saying is designing websites on my 13” laptop is praxis
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DStecks Dec 30
"Ugh, why the fuck can't every game just let me adjust the font size" -attempts to make scaling size text in Unity- "I wish only for death"
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