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Tweets Aug 15
I am now in the lovely content zone of it will definitely happen when it happens! And when it happens it will really happen! And it will be AMAZING!!! :)
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Witnessing history don't come easy!! 😂
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Haha! Coool! It's like a scene from Star Wars!
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Mary Aug 12
Boca Chica really is beautiful AND there's horses and a rocket! What a beautiful way to start the day. Thanks Gene, Rachel and Melia for the friendship and sharing this special day with me. ❤🤠🚀🐎
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Jennifer Goff Aug 9
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Elon Musk Aug 6
Rocket fairing falls from space & is caught by Ms Tree boat
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Loving tonight's musical journey from Led Zeppelin's 'Rain Dance' to Nina Simone's 'Lilac Wine' soaring classics via Caoimhín O Raghaillaigh and Thomas Bartlett's beautiful new 'Kestrel' music which is truly evocative & majestic!
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eoin bennis Aug 5
Honored to have represented and say a few words at today’s Celtic Cross Memorial Ceremony to remember the 1000+ Irish canal workers who gave their lives digging out the Rideau Canal in Ottawa from 1826 to 1832
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Una Mullally Aug 4
Dublin folks, particularly those living in and around Sandycove, Kate Holmquist has been reported missing. Anyone with any information, please contact Gardaí
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You might enjoy this wildflower scene at Wine Strand on the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry, Ireland! :) Great view of the Milky Way on a clear dark sky night too! :)
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(Hemispherical landing platform would have circle opening to land through. Would contain dust by some flexible flap sealing against rocket maybe?)
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Would have to extend a fair bit down from Starship as those Raptor Engines do kick up a storm even on Earth!! This is a fairly serious problem! Unless you accept first lander creates dust on landing but builds a hemispherical landing zone that contains dust on future landings?
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It would be cool if Starship had a landing skirt/cowl deploy during descent that would contain the plume on touchdown. Could hoover the regolith up for use in 3D regolith construction! Would save an extra machine to do that gathering of dust! 🤔
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Planetary Society Jul 24
This one goes out to all the members and backers who made this solar sailing mission possible. Go !
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Imelda May Jul 18
I woke up to a world that made me cry. Leaders leading fear, hate and ignorance. But I know there are more following a way of love, understanding and compassion. We’re just not loud enough. But we’re strong enough.
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Yesiree! Great video! Really captured the drama!! And that's ONLY the Pre-Burner test!! Gazikes!
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The IBE Exhibition Section on IBE Design website is green like the grass in a Summer park!
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