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West Coast Customs Dec 8
LAAS Recap Day 9 -- This concept car also designed by aka the Spaceship uses a Model S as the platform with custom full body redesign, rear suicide doors and LED backlit wheels. Featuring interior sound interfaced with iPad and 16 inch widebody
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West Coast Customs Dec 7
LAAS Recap Day 8 -- Ready for takeoff in the fully custom Carbon Fibre body ROCKET. Designed with on a Roadster Chassis with 3D printed optics and custom interface for interior instrument panel
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Facts!!! Boom boom pow vs street living is proof... Which is bigger?... I wrote and produced both... Trying to get people to hear and pay attention to is a challenge... Street living (HIPHOP) Boom boom pow (Electrro/hop)
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FYI...While I was making “boom boom pow” I was also in the studio with a 30piece orchestra making a song with & sent that song to mars on the & beamed it back to earth... I’m happy you love music as much as I do...keep rocking with orchestra’s...
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That’s’s what I call D.i.D Data Independence Day...this day will come real soon...if Data is power...then Power to the people ✊🏿
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The Daily Show Nov 26
Replying to @iamwill
Here’s the full interview with :
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sᴜᴘᴇʀ ᴛᴠ Nov 26
The Voice returns this January on ITV! Here’s the brand new trailer featuring , , , & ... but there’s a voice missing 🤔✌🏼
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ITV Nov 26
What’s this... and having a jam sesh? Come back at midday to see the whole band!
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SMBs Digital Fitness Nov 24
rt With , “we’re moving into an age of human empowerment… we have the powers to be more human.” with at . ... cc
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Anthony Scaramucci Nov 21
“Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs you, that takes a lot of courage.” - Bart Starr
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Kilian Nov 16
Replying to @Frimestyle @bep and 5 others
Trust me it’s almost the same, I have saw them Monday and it was amazing, like the shows that you can see on youtube in 2010/2011
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Amazing... Thank you for rocking with us last rocked the!!!
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this is awesome ...thanks for using your platform to bring awareness to important issues...
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Check this out... at it again!!! !!!
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is still one of my favourite songs!!!
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