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php[architect] Dec 4
ICYMI, the December issue is out: chatbots, Alexa skills, event sourcing, machine learning, PHP 7.2 w/libsodium, Laravel Queues, PHP_Codesniffer, measuring team performance, elePHPants, and optimism Read a free sample:
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Peter Dec 4
Replying to @phparch
Surprised when I just skimmed the Alexa article. Although lambda and python are a good solution. Https end point can also be good especially if you need direct integration with a live site. This would allow php.
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The article links to one solution for using PHP or Ruby but the main focus is the case study in how built her STEM women skill.
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Peter Dec 6
Replying to @phparch @KeshaWillz
Cool I will check out those links. Would be good to see something in the mag. I enjoyed the chat it article as well btw. Why not create an skill and create an article around it?
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Oscar Merida Dec 6
I've thought about doing it, need to find the time
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