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Nancy Pelosi calls Steve Bannon a white supremacist during presser

During her weekly press conference, the House minority leader referred to Bannon - recently invited onto the National Security Council - as a white supremacist. Twice.
Splinter Feb 2
"It's a stunning thing." Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not mincing words about Trump adviser Steve Bannon:
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🎙Wayne Dupree Feb 2
Pelosi Just Raised Tensions Calling Bannon A White Supremacist During Press Conference - Democrats Want Civil War!
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Miles Kahn Feb 2
For anyone offended by Pelosi calling Bannon a White Supremacist, suck it up . PC culture is dead, right?
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The Situation Room Feb 2
.: ML Pelosi acting w/ "reckless disregard for the truth" in labelling Steve Bannon a "white supremacist"
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CNN Feb 2
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Steve Bannon is a "white supremacist" and is "making America less safe"
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Twitter Moments 19 Nov 16
In a interview, Steve Bannon said he's "not a white nationalist" and "darkness is good."
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