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Mike Drucker Nov 16
ME AT 15: “I want video games to have the best graphics and biggest explosions and deepest stories and coolest characters to show that this is truly the art form of the future pew pew pew” ME AT 35: “I want video games to have an option to make text bigger.”
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my wife made fun of me for being old the other day when she saw me going through conversation options while standing 4' from the tv instead of on the couch.
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thom cosgrove Nov 17
This is me trying to read the 6 pt. font that Death Stranding uses.
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Josh "Sunday Mass Effect" Brown Nov 16
You mean 4". 4' is four feet, a very reasonable distance for all but a cinema screen.
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Spencer Stephens Nov 16
7-10ft is a common distance from couch to TV. Being 4ft away would mean sitting in the floor up against the TV console.
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Savior self Nov 16
this was literally me playing outer worlds
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hypnovirus Nov 16
it was outer worlds. i was trying to talk to the vicar and had to invade the tv's personal space to do so.
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