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Hugo. Centralized, searchable meeting notes that connect with your favorite tools.
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If you want to learn more about our vision for our panel, check out this video featuring our Co-founder and COO, :
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Voting closes 8/23 for our panel idea! We at , , , and are excited about bringing the dialogue around workplace representation to the stage. Please create an account and vote for our idea by 8/23 at .
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Reminder: vote for our panel idea! Be part of a convo around how everyone can claim their voice, regardless of gender, background, or role, create a SXSW account and vote for Gender Equity in Tech Has a Much Simpler Solution, by 8/23!
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Vote for our PanelPicker session looking at an easier way to achieve gender equity in tech! Proud to partner with our friends from , , and on "Gender Equity in Tech Has a Much Simpler Solution." Vote by 8/23!
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San Francisco Business Times Aug 5
“Ten years ago, a woman in a meeting had to compete with dominant personalities. But now, they can use Slack, or comment on a Google doc, or weigh in through other channels ... Technology is helping drive gender equality." —
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Alan Lepofsky 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Future of Work Aug 7
. ‘s acquition of is also good news for the other vendors I placed on the shortlist for augmented meeting services
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Christina Lattimer Aug 7
How Transparent is your Business? - People Development Network It’s likely that only a small proportion of your team is customer-facing. That means the majority of your business never talk to your customer
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In the world of tech, gender equity for workers still has a ways to go. But there are steps every organization can take to make a difference. Read the whitepaper -->
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Zoom is one of the best video conferencing solutions out there. But it doesn't help you run better meetings. Want agenda templates? Want a place to take shared notes? Want to integrate with 20+ apps? Take a look at how our integration works -->
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Your calendar is full of meetings and Marie Kondo has thoughts. Read: Marie Kondo’s 6 Rules for Tidying Will Transform Your Meetings at Work --> Because, Yes — meetings can spark joy.
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Create meeting agendas and notes from Google Calendar with your Hugo account and the extension:
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Everything you need to know to run effective meetings:
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🙌 "The 4-Hour Meeting Week" Could you get your calendar to less than 10% of your time in internal meetings? Read how we do it:
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How to take notes your team will actually use -->
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Discover the free way to share, sync, and organize your meeting notes in <4 minutes Watch the demo -->
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20+ free meeting agenda templates 🙌 Download:
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Integrate into hectic meeting workflows with Hugo 👀 the video -->
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Fun but important reading: Marie Kondo’s 6 Rules for Tidying Will Transform Your Meetings at Work --> at work
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Tobie Langel Jun 11
Well, I must say is ridiculously well executed. If you're looking for a great and simple app to keep your meeting notes organized, look no further. And it's various integrations are of the same caliber. Truly impressed so far.
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Before Trudeau , J Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogan, and the founders of Medium, Hootsuite, and Shopfiy — we had the honor to be the first to present before 29,000 people at
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