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We can book you into any hotel across Nigeria. Call 0700 880 8800 or visit .
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It is always a feel good Friday when you let us give you the best of the best for your budget.. Do not forget we've got great discounts too😃
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The interesting part is that offers the best discount on Eko hotel alongside other hotels in general. We bring exquisite luxury without having to break the bank. Book any hotel in less than a minute…
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Stay Healthy guys, we've got good hotels with gym facilities so you can exercise, drink plenty water and mind your business.
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Let us know some of your hotel experiences, from the bed, food and services in general. We will be waiting.
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Thank you
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Happy new month community. From your favourite and reliable hotel plug, we will still be here to make your bookings 😃
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Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle. Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure. Focus on where you want to be not where you are, or where you were. Always remember your focus determines your reality.
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Yeah!! Its Friday guys let pamper you, do not forget that after all the day's work, we will still be here to book that hotel you want with warm discounts. .
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Today on Thursday trivia, guess where this is in the comment section..🤔
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Hello community, Just like we said, we will always be here for you, We are back like we never left to give you your desired hotel for your budget, just click on , lets get you started. !!
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No problem. Always at your service.
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Replying to @Nerdy_Dopey's all about getting you what you want.
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You can send us a DM to get you sorted😉
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If you had the chance to spend just one night in any of these hotels with your most favourite influencer/celebrity, who would that person be? Tag them in your comment below👇
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HNG Internship May 17
Registration for HNGi7 is officially open! Visit to register now.
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Suppose you and bae or boo decided to hang out this weekend, which one among these places would you likely choose😉? Ps: You can only choose 1 Tag us 😍and comment below 👇
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Mark Essien May 12
HNG now has desks for rent - free desk, internet and power at N35k/month. If you are interested, DM me, or email
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Tired of working from home? Are you looking for a safe and conducive working environment? We have a perfect space for you! Hit on the link below 👇and let's get you sorted.
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...and we'll be here to book for you the perfect hotel. For now, .
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