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Donald B Kipkorir Oct 31
Who is fighting the Judiciary? The Sponsors ought to know that in the absence of a functioning Judiciary, no one is safe, not even them .... The Judiciary ought to get the people behind it & its digital supporters & cite them for undermining the Judiciary. Anarchy destroys all.
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Hon. William Kabogo
That’s recipes for chaos. The last place we should mess with is the judiciary as it’s the protector of all.
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Zachary obas Oct 31
Somebody told me judiciary is INDEPENDENT arm of govt which I personally ought to understand the parameters used to identify this independence..just in 2013 a kiambu mafia threatened to punish judges due to a ruling.."we shall revisit."
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Dr. Ombeka Nyasudi® 🇰🇪 🇺🇬 Oct 31
Mheshimiwa, Call your friend and advise him.
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Leonard RUTOH Oct 31
It's obvious the president is the one fighting the judiciary.
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