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Tweets Mar 8
If someone tells you they have the answer, it's very likely they are lying.
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Can we please stop labeling every young phenom the next greatest thing? It does a disservice to the child.
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There's some good to be found in every run.
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Want to know a secret recovery strategy that works better than anything you can buy?
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Be willing to learn from experience, whether it is your own or that of others.
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Maybe you should get some sun, just not too much.
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Never stray too far from the fundamentals.
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Don't fall for fads and gimmicks.
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The easy run seems so simple we often don’t talk about it. But we should.
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Just because a bunch of people average something doesn't mean that average is right for everyone.
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Replying to @Mailchimp
I am sorry about the unrelated photo. It seems is broken. Won't let me remove the photo or turn off social media posts.
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News: The bigger the base, the higher the peak -
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Sometimes things happen. As long as you're not constantly getting derailed, don't sweat it when it occasionally happens. Just get back on track and move forward.
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In this way, building a training plan is very similar to building a pyramid.
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This is one of my favorite things to do. The floor is open, feel free to ask away in whatever form you would like. I also have a few questions for you.
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It appears things are returning to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will continue monitoring. This evening's maintenance is definitely off.
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I am aware is currently throwing server errors. Looking into the problem and hope to have a resolution soon.
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Note: this evening's planned maintenance is currently on hold as I research a potential way to perform the same maintenance with less impact.
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