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If you don't learn from your mistakes, you set yourself up to make more mistakes.
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More miles or more intensity? To be your best, both. Find your own right balance.
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Take chances. The downside is usually nowhere near as bad as we fear in the heat of the moment.
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They may look good on Instagram but how beneficial are they really?
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Figure out what your running means to you. Then make sure your actions reflect that.
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Quick note about Amazon links from . Now, they are directed through . This means, instead of a portion of your purchase going toward , a portion will go toward the charity of your choice.
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It's one of my favorite times again, where I encourage you to ask me anything (of course I answer questions any time I'm asked).
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News: There are no magic paces (or black holes) -
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What's the best method for soft tissue injury recovery?
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Your annual reminder: summer running is great, as long as you keep in mind a few precautions.
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More isn't always better. Work on doing better first, then do more.
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When you start anything new, you improve rapidly. Use this to your advantage, don't fall into its trap.
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If you're in the Milwaukee area and free on September 14th, this is a lot of fun! Sign up by May 12th to save $10.
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Don't get tied down to certain paces or afraid to run others.
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Jonathan Gault Apr 28
Here's how good Eliud Kipchoge is. The average of his five fastest marathons is 2:02:59. The fastest marathon ever by someone not named Kipchoge is 2:02:55. His five fastest, and everyone else's below:
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How important is sleep? Just a little difference can have health and productivity consequences. Plus thoughts on caffeine for race performance and foam rollers.
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At some point, we all need to accept that our PRs are in the past. There are still things to accomplish, though. Don't let the fact that you aren't getting faster anymore get you down.
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