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Tweets Sep 18
Take care of your health first. You don't have anything without it.
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Just because your running may have looked different doesn't mean you can skip a critical component of your training plan. You still need time to recover.
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Your fitness is more than your VO2max and lactate threshold - and it's never static.
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News: Don't borrow from someone else's puzzle
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Sometimes you want something harder than an easy run but not all out. Don't fear the middle.
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I'd love to see you join Team for a virtual Al's Run. Locals can get together for a socially distanced run and everyone else can still be a part of the team!
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Chicago Marathon officially cancelled. The sole remaining marathon major still scheduled is London. If I were a betting man, my money would be on it also not happening. -
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Don't take someone else's puzzle pieces without careful thought on how they fit into your puzzle.
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News: Dealing with all that is going on -
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Leading this month's recap: big races almost surely won't happen this year and most smaller ones probably also won't.
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David Monti Jun 24
Update: has also been officially cancelled. The event had been in limbo until today.
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CNN Breaking News Jun 24
This year's New York City Marathon has been canceled because of coronavirus concerns, event organizers announced. The annual event, considered the world’s largest marathon, was scheduled for Nov. 1.
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Resurfacing this from the archives because now is a good time to work on the weak link.
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Replying to @NickForemanUMN
Interesting. If you have any thoughts on making the chart better, I'd love to talk with you. I know it's not perfect but it's the best data I was able to find at the time and I thought it would be helpful to runners. I'd be happy to improve upon it with data based adjustments.
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We're all facing a lot of stressors right now. If your training gets a little off plan, be kind to yourself.
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I do this twice a year and always enjoy the questions I get asked. This is a unique time. What questions do you have?
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Especially now, practice the P’s -
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Yes, distance runners can put on muscle and get stronger with strength training.
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Speed and strength in one workout.
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