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Helen Bevan
What happens with organisational restructures quite often - when we concentrate on the structures & processes more than the people & culture. Via
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When we teach POCQI, we stress on concentrating on place and processes than on people. Interestingly, for a sustainable change, behavioural change in people is extremely important.
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Praveen Venkatagiri Oct 26
That's true.. but the toughest and least sustainable change.. hence process change through systems and technology is better
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Emma Challans Oct 26
Interestingly we were discussing this not long ago and recognised as a ‘learning’ from many mergers and restructure of services. People first and worry about the structure afterwards.
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Jonathan Holt Oct 26
My experience is no-one ever says I wish the organisation would restructure. Instead people think "here we go again" and you go through same confusion and demoralising nonsense as before to end up somewhere slightly different
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Tulika Jha Oct 30
“Micro climate” also more amenable to “thermostat” - small microcosms of perfect temp and then ... spread acc to need for macro climate
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Derek Masselink Oct 26
This brings to mind the Robert Pirsig quote, ”...if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory.”
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Vicky Hewitt Oct 26
This has made my day.
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Richard Coombe Oct 26
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Robyn Schindel Oct 27
Because people use their own informal structures, efficient and effective or not, to do their work. A structure doesn’t change that I have coffee with Joy in Finance or don’t like that IT guy.
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