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ZGF Architects Jun 29
When nature compliments color: daylight goes through the perforated wall screens, resembling the dotted wall pattern and adding warmth to the sky-toned interiors at the 's Bioscience Research Labs lounge space.
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ZGF Architects May 22
There’s more to this animated LED art installation than meets the eye... A finishing touch on our redesign of one of offices in LA, it was designed and crafted by ZGF from 2,500 medical-grade centrifuge tubes, backlit by 3,500 color-changing LEDs.
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ZGF Architects 13 Sep 17
Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Math has won the 2017 Livable Building Award!
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ZGF Architects 18 Sep 17
Check out the time lapse progression of the Engineering Education and Research Building!
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ZGF Architects 8 Sep 17
🌍’s 1st compact X-ray laser to call Biodesign C 🏡! 👀 for our “elegant" design solutions.
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ZGF Architects Jul 19
In May, , ZGF and discussed the new Spark: Academic Innovation Hub at the 2018 University Facilities Conference. Months later, Tradeline looks back at the project and what makes it stand out from the rest.
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