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alifmcdraws Nov 18
i somewhat thought it "mitai"ke a day to finish this, & look at me now... proud & tired :^) also, Karin Kiryu. that's all.
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alifmcdraws Nov 12
oh, yeah... happy birthday, Rinari! Nov. 13 :^)
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NightFufu Nov 28
If the days won't allow us to see each other, memories will. And if my eyes can't see you, my heart will never forget you.
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NightFufu Nov 26
The hardest choice in life, is between what you want and what you deserve. 😒
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Taehyung V 💜 Nov 21
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Regal Jewel Nov 23
Woke up thinking bout my dinner🤣🤣🤪🤪 rice and peas fry plantain with a side salad was on point guess what I'll be having for breakfast🤣👍🏾
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ChickenTowers Nov 23
Creating before consuming
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zee ! read pinned Nov 23
imma choose watching kacchan than attending the club zoom
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Ruby Landon Nov 24
, Let It Whip! 🤣 That's Mah ! I ♥ It! 👍
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#AAR🇳🇬 Nov 26
Replying to @zeal_a @subomiplumptre
, my bad. I should have done more. I've learnt something. Thank you.
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Francesco Nov 13
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💭 Nov 25
201126 Han’s IG post ⚾️ “Baseball outfit is great, Seungmin-ah from now on, I’ll be the one in charge of baseball.
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badmooddood🍃 Nov 20
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Lynn Otto Nov 28
Replying to @jenredman2383 @HANKFM
Totally ready to watch!
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rou kinda ia📚 Nov 26
these are what we need
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ree Nov 29
Replying to @spiceynakahara
i havent even updated twitter fro the fleets yet
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Replying to @dyllliam
when eren and armin then levi but hange n colossal titan big chungus epic moment
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alifmcdraws Nov 28
i've been somewhat busy with, um, studying. but here, have a character sheet of him... no, wait... me... no, uh.... also, there may / may not some secret stuff in here ;^)
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Cignature Global 𝇍 Nov 26
[📸 | | 2020.11.26] : “ ⠀ Your cold day. So that it can melt because of me ⠀ 🎵 Sunbae - “I’m all Ears” ⠀ The picture’s a winter day that I remember💚”
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🏹 Nov 22
Replying to @PoptartAwakens
Just had some short ribs out the pot 🍲
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