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Dr. Marty Fox 🇺🇸 Sep 17
Speaking As A Physician I Never Knew Commercial Breaks Protected You From The & Anderson Cooper Whisper To Each Other Up Close & Personal NO MASKS NO SOCIAL DISTANCING During A Commercial Break
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A comprehensive report Not only did "Vaccum" masks & PPE world over While Simultaneously allowing International travel, causing world wide Pandemic Causing shortages as nations struggled to cope Reckless & irresponsible
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China at risk of a winter spike in infections, experts say via
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Truesecular 40m
First of all why he is not getting removed for not doing his job properly. Secondly why u were keeping your mouth shut when was spreading . U r more responsible then china as u ignored your the job to please Xi
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ajitsinh Jagirdar 🇮🇳 #We_The_Threadeans 10h
It's . Biologically manufactured in lab..
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Ben Solo, the jedi ✋🏻☝🏻 #手足互科 Sep 18
I can’t wait to know the truth, as well as all the evidence about the to spread around the world! Besides, I wish and all of you can pay attention of the fake accounts of , that can convey potentially harmful material!
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Ketan Sep 20
should we be worried that Sars-CoV-2 is changing? Scientists tracking the virus have uncovered a major mutation, but it may not be as scary as it sounds.
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tyh Sep 15
Just because she has spoken out the truth.
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Neutral Odisha News Sep 20
Replying to @AmbLiuQuan
Slaves were fed with lies which they have to obey else u know what happens... China & their lies. Yes, u r making Bio weapon
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PowaPuff Sep 19
Pelosi Tours San Francisco's Chinatown To Quell Coronavirus Fears
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Dennis Leung 31m
New business with creation to solve the problem by parking buses.
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Alf Law 2h
is biological weapons,not chemical weapons
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TX 🇺🇸 Sep 20
If is so deadly it's forced countries to shut their economies, a few cases of neurological disease cannot be a barrier to developing a vaccine.
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TX 🇺🇸 Sep 21
Replying to @xiongtx
🇨🇭 is again near its peak, having risen from as few as 3 cases / day some weeks ago.
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SonsofThunder Sep 14
I'm looking forward to seeing this info. But seriously, pray for her, time may be short.
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🇮🇳केसरिया भारती 🇮🇳 God please recall 2020 Sep 21
Replying to @neeraj610 @evazhengll
It is 700 i saw the manual at delhi's palika bazar. It's it was one on one free then. But made in china Put me off. Bring it on chiniyo We are waiting.
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Joe Sep 15
Replying to @LiMengYAN119 @jack
suspends accounts that criticize the chinese communist party.
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China Coronavirus Sep 15
The same as the doctor who uncovered were being prosecuted... it is the same thing.
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Hunter Sep 20
Replying to @hkfp
Freedom of academic is totally dead.The University of Hong Kong concealed the incident which shown that University is under control.
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China Owned Sep 21
and : Sino Biological - makes lab reagents, antibodies & works with pharmaceutical/biotechs in development of high tech antibody drugs. One of the first to offer reagents. Should we trust our lab reagents if they come from ?
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