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GottaDEAL 2m
BioBidet Prestie BB-800 Self-Cleaning Bidet Seat, 2 Sizes - $269.99 Today Only
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Cant Make This Up History Podcast Jul 18
The podcast hit 400 followers today!! πŸŽ‰
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Sara Megibow May 20
Y'all - I am SO impressed by this manuscript! It's packed with emotion and demonstrates brilliant, unique narrative voice! I can't wait to get it out in the world! Welcome aboard, = we're thrilled to be part of your team!
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Brian Ashford Jun 24
I have passed 2nd year of my degree.
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Samuel Jacob Cooper Aug 16
I’m going out tonight
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Kai is on a sorta hiatus #KaiLarks Aug 14
Delighted to announce that I just signed a five-book contract with a press that has asked that they get to announce it on their feed first, so that's a secret. What I can say? It's sci-fi, deep space, and A LOT of fun. !
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Andy Roo (RD) Jul 1
Meh. I'll take a First I guess.
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bloodyjackyl Jun 26
Guess what showed up today?
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Megan Glover Aug 5
Oh hey btw ya girl just got accepted into a professional improv troupe
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Murray Wilkinson Apr 30
I’ve got a new job! I will soon be the Growing Faith Enabler for the Church of England, based at Church House Westminster: working with Dioceses as they explore bringing Ch&YP into the heart of all they do: Intergen Ministry across churches, schools & households
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Carats LeVert Aug 16
holy shit I just saw someone unironically use in 2019
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Chris Hackett Aug 13
2009 I recall moving out for the second time and swearing I wouldn't get cable. I used alot then when a came up on sale, after a shit ton of research I'm glad to say I still don't have cable. In '09 everyone thought I was crazy, today it's the fashion.
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It's take your kids to day! Things are going well.
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Deborah Kerbel πŸ’ž Jul 2
That sparkly new book contract kind of feeling βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸ“š
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Nancy Springer Jul 18
Saw three big broad-headed skinks at once, actually talking to each other, on my porch. Most unusual. Also, tomorrow I will leave my swampland home, travel to movie set in London and meet people for several days. Also most unusual! !
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Kateria Augustine Aug 6
Family wknd was a success πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ now me and Kenny time with Luke Bryan this wknd!
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Pamela Neumann, Ph.D. Jun 13
We made it to Texas, y’all!
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Irene Seto Aug 12
When you open a drawer and find some random cash inside
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It's our 15th Birthday and we made a crapload of BOCs. What unit of measurement is a "crapload"? Glad you asked: 15k
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DirtyLaundry Calgary May 18
Stay tuned for news regarding our upcoming 20th (!) season.
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