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Jen Scott Sep 16
Fantastic read if you are at all concerned with unconscious bias and equity in the workplace.
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We need to make a reality! We have waited and been humiliated for too long!
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Angela Costley Harris Sep 13
Pink and sparkles are the new power combo and I am so into it
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Have you read our Spotlight on Women in the future economy? Share this with your network of !
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Women Leaders in Global Health Sep 17
Q4. What advice would you give to early-career women aspiring to become in global health?
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Sarai Chisala-Tempelhoff Sep 18
Replying to @saraichisala
Can you tell how radiant I am keeping company w/ Gogo Mazengera and one of her senior GVH?!? The two are Chewa traditional leaders from Lilongwe. PHAWAFUL!
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Bita Moghaddam Sep 16
Today was rough and it is only Monday😔 I used to whine about writing grants and papers & all the rejections. And then I started to “also” run a department 🙀 I love my department & fighting for them but dang, much more fun to be a scientist
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Notre Dame Academy 3h
Congratulations to Nirmiti Shah '20 was a guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Toledo! She shared with club members what her Youth Leadership Toledo experiences meant to her and how the program enhanced her leadership abilities.
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Jolien Pollet 9h
Leadership styles, coping with the stress that comes with leadership, public speaking, social media for union leaders... It has been a very interesting course. Thank you, and the wonderful European I met! Who run the world?
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Rose Deighton 20h
Amen for amazing teachers. Doing fine with a Sufi woman shaykha/PhD in Islamic studies. she is breaking all my expectations and steering me to so many texts and sources. Recommends Surahs and you think there is no reason and the bam you’re like oooo that’s why.
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Saily Avelenda 🇺🇸🇨🇺 Sep 16
Congratulations to all of those on 's Top 100 Millennials! Most of all, I can't stress how refreshing it is to see a list full of WOMEN, LATINX, and POC. 💪
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Gosia Brzezinska Sep 17
Every bit of love for this girl. I hope the power of communication lifts her, rather than turns into a vehicle for others. There is hope..thanks to Greta and those who follow her. 🗺️🌲🆓👩🏻‍🎤
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Troutman Sanders 28m
WomenInc. Magazine named among its 'Top 100 Law Firms for Women.' Firms recognized demonstrated a commitment to and promotion within the firm and legal community. Thanks ! Read more:
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808Nanny Sep 17
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"Women invest 10 times more of their earnings than men do on their child's nutrition"... We're excited for Week and its focus on !
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Richard Kleiner 5h
Several studies show that having women on the board results in better acquisition and investment decisions and in less aggressive risk-taking, yielding benefits for shareholders.
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Cécile Beliot-Zind 4h
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AFP NYC Chapter 4h
Good morning from "Climbing the Ladder, Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women Leaders in Fundraising!" Tag us in your tweets. We'd love to hear from you!
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Christine Katziff 2h
Loved the energy from the 120+ teammates at the Women Ready to Lead forum in Greensboro! Find your passion and leverage your strengths – you will be amazed at your impact. Thank you Calandra Jarrell for a great convo. 🙌
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