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Aaron 15 May 12
Replying to @CornyCurran
Ya I'm finding it pretty difficult to use though
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Feminist Steph 17 May 16
Replying to @ivanwei
Even my tiny can tell you that math doesn't add up! :)
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💋 Chickita 💋 16 Aug 16
Replying to @flappy27
just worrying about dumb stuff
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Deborah Noble 16 Feb 13
Sometimes being a woman sucks...!
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Fommani 🕸🏁 Mar 16
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annabel meschke Mar 10
one time a guy asked for nudes by: 1.) telling me I’d “gotten thick in the right places” and THEN to 2.) “prove him wrong” by sending him photo evidence of... HIS neg? I wasn’t so much offended as confused about how to follow those directions :-((((
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HairWeaveKillaTho 6 Dec 11
«@_BeeSMOOTH lies lies lies SEX the man/woman next door lies lies MONEY!!! RT (cont)
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Jibber.Ish 24 Feb 13
Not every tweet with 'you' in it is a subtweet. Unless I'm subtweeting you. What do you mean you don't understand? Blocked.
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Amy Fried 12 Jun 13
My male state Senator and male state Rep voted for Medicaid expansion. Do they have ?
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Mad Wohmun 15 Sep 13
uses the "Woman Response Randomizer 5000" to write Rachel's dialogue in fights with Mike.
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Ren 8 Mar 13
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Omii Mii 28 Feb 15
Mental mood. Even I hate it.
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Olivia Ruth 24 Jun 16
Them feels when you set up a 10man tent all by yourself with your woman brain.
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Coreen S🇨🇦🧡🏳️‍🌈 19 Feb 16
Day off & :07 kicked in. Argh!!!
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Minshew Mustache Rides 18 Feb 17
Replying to @Fleur4Fleur
not to mention the fact that you included 6 songs and it was only supposed to be 5....
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Voltron of Baby Yoda™ 28 Oct 12
Replying to @MattBors
Oh right! Forgot about that part.
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Lisa Chin 16 Jun 16
I also yawn when I'm anxious. So which is it? Sleepy boredom or frightful anxiety? Hells if I know.
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Sarah! 30 Nov 11
@MeesterStevee No no...I understood what the reference was I just didn't understand WHY the reference was
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Emily Mills ✍️ 7 May 14
Replying to @yforani
Uhg, right? Why do we do that? It's rare for me to compliment someone just to be nice… I'm usually genuine.
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Omii Mii 23 Aug 14
Just wait patiently...just wait. It will be worth it. What if it will pass while I wait 0_o?! Ohh :/
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