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Nicholas Dickens 13h
Theresa May condemns Trump's 'go back' remark to congresswomen - BBC News - Like your remarks and toxic environment re
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George Lee 15h
THEY KNEW IT WAS ILLEGAL! were kidnapped, incarcerated in squalor, then forcibly put on a plane to places they had left as small children. Difference is are & Govt is breaking
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George Lee Jul 14
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Starry Plough 17h
A racist calls out another racist? Maybot deports and tortures migrants and citizens
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George Lee 12h
Replying to @Nadine_Writes
Migration is key! In most European countries immigrants are not welcome bcos of jobs, imo esp. UK. Non-whites are easily seen. So, TARGETS! Now “men” will even attack women. In Poland, rec. Warsaw & Wroclaw. My Golden Rule: Know a local or don't go!
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Andy Birss 15h
Rightly condemns for his 'go home' remarks she actually deported members of the 'The Home Office received warnings from 2013 onwards that many Windrush generation residents were being treated as illegal immigrants'.
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Yusef The Traveller 18h
For their great sacrifice & lifetime contributions
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Movement for Justice Jul 12
If you’re in Preston head down to this event and fundraiser on 27th July
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Applebottom  James 9h
Replying to @LBC
She's a hypocrite.
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Andy Birss 17h
Apparently it was OK for to tell members of the to 'go home' but she is (rightly) concerned about doing the same to these young women. Hopefully she has seen the light on her past racist behaviour and has reformed.
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Mike Symonds 23h
Replying to @ThomasPride
1. Ideological austerity, making poor people pay for the gambling addictions of bankers 2. Hostile environment & deportation of 3. Brexit
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Jacqueline (Jacqui) Mckenzie 19h
Replying to @a_leesha1
He was simply stating a fact within a moment of light-hearted triumphantism but you make a broader/interesting point on the debate of the contribution of UK based minority groups evident in more serious writing. You see much of this in the discourse on the .
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Nic Dakin 16h
asks Home Office Minister how much compensation has been paid to victims of the She recognises more needs to be done to address the injustice.
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Bob Hall 17h
Replying to @ToryFibs the May solution is to send them home without telling them!
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Jxdi Syow 17h
Replying to @MollyJongFast
She's not! She liked a good while in the Home Office & the won't thank her for deporting them back to the Caribbean! She's got Donny's fleas
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Applebottom  James 20h
Black people have had this every day. Your statement that if this was black people, there would of come down on them. You both have no idea what its like being black. We get spat at, called names and killed. We cant hide our skin.
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Derek Laud 17h
Theresa May condemns Trump's 'go home' remark to congresswomen - She condemns it even if she thinks it.
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Ian Mancor 21h
Has Chris Wilkins been on the waccy baccy or does he live in a parallel universe? Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in modern history! She was the direct cause of burning injustices
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PhoenixDanceTheatre 16h
The final countdown is on. There is only one more week to go to catch 's award-winning Windrush: Movement of the People for free. Click below for the full film
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BARAC Jul 14
Replying to @LeeJasper @DurhamGala
Met two lovely Jewish young men who marched with us for a while offering full solidarity and 1 told how his grandparents were outraged at how treated
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