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Mike Wells 8h
How to download & read ebooks on your , phone, - it's simple!
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Haresh Ved, (Cronus) 23h
This is so cool! Something we have all been waiting for!
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fola omidi Aug 9
Trying to get a tweet from a windows phone
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Dave Evans 18h
Replying to @Aus231 @surface
Yea, as a past fan...after 6 of them supporting and dropped like a bad habbit. I will NEVER buy another mobile device from Microsoft again. I still feel screwed even today..
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Brad Orluk Aug 12
Replying to @laurent_sp
I have a strong feeling this is going to go the way of quick
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StinkyFunkyLove Aug 12
It's been a while Microsoft. A new chapter in P.S. Can I get a discount code for all the I owned? 🤔🤔
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Suricate Aug 10
Replying to @nokia
With 👍👍👍 I put aside several 1520. With WindowsPhone, it is much easier to use phone with an onset of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) after 55 years.
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René Morales 17h
The is another generation of in my opinion. I hope it doesn't fail this time.
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ETTelecom 17h
ETTelecom | Microsoft back in the smartphone business after more than four years with its new Duo
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memes coldacid posts 19h
So with Google giving a big "FUCK YOU" to users, I guess that account of mine as a PC project rather than phone.
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Matt Warwick Aug 12
Replying to @larsklint
If I don't see live tiles then it's no . *Weeps* LEAVE ME!
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Apricot Lennon 🐱🥙 Aug 12
Just plz for the love of God don't try and make a cool lockscreen for it 😉 folk will know what I'm talking about 😂
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Stephen Townsley Aug 12
Replying to @zacbowden
It shares a feature with - no mobile payment options. Normally a feature of a budget android device.
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fola omidi Aug 11
Trying to work out how to of twitter from a . Can't find the button
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Joe Todora Aug 8
Goodbye Cortana! A while back I used you with my and & loved the utility. Now I'm using G Asst. & it still doesn't do reminders as well as you. Now is killing you. too bad people running you got lost.
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Tushi Joy :) Aug 8
should get back together to make was just fantastic.
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WpTrackr_fr Aug 7
MonWindowsPhone : Microsoft suspend xCloud sur iOS... car Apple n'en veut pas !
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ALOK srivastav Aug 6
I just found who called me using Who's Calling?
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WpTrackr_fr Aug 6
Smartphone-France : Les applications Android bient?t sur Windows 10 ?
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◢ RŸÆN ◤ ➐ Aug 5
Why can’t we get an in -Bigger screen, “no problem” Higher MP camera? “Sure” Elon, what about App support and could you open source the code for ? “Of course, it’s been noted and code has been open sourced as well, what else do you guys have?”
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