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El Anoos Nov 15
2 Months ago,I bought Mi Note 5 3 Days ago some water dropped by mistake on it,and the phone is dead It was hard to buy a new phone after 5 years using ,but I did and bought an phone that already dead 'cuz of some water by mistake :( Is That an end?
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EvolutionApps 17h
Download ALL the music you LIKE for FREE on your 2k positive reviews cant be wrong!
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GUEBAILIA Abderrahim 6h
Replying to @shanselman
I suppose it’s not gone to be a
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Mark Noble Nov 16
Replying to @jasonkarns
You should try the version. 😝
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Hannes Preishuber Nov 10
Update Mail and Calendar App
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jheybrah Nov 3
It's almost 2019 and here I am setting up my new HP Elite X3 Windows Phone.
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Alexander Trauzzi Nov 16
Phones are always changing their aesthetics, but I still don't think I've liked a phone's look as much as I did the Nokia 830.
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kishoreRao Nov 18
as i always said was never like a alternative, its more of an identiy and reliability, apple is a closed ecosystem, is open to was the alternative until it died :(
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Prashant Shinde Nov 18
This is being just like OS and seems that, it will eventually fail the same way! Time to break off with .
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Joe 17h
Where is the 1050? I don't care if it is I miss taking awesome vivid with a super high end lens. Dedicated GPU...
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The Mobile Articles Nov 15
Apparently some apps on is getting updates... The system is rejecting final days. Which is awesome.
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Steve M Outdoors Nov 11
. -- I bought a Book 2 last week to replace both my old laptop and a Surface 3 tablet and I am in love. The screen alone was worth the price of the upgrade. Now just give me a or a and I will do whatever you ask of me. *Anything*
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Jørgen Brix Nov 15
Spent a couple of hours last night with a "brand new" second hand €55 putting it through the DeviceRecoveryTool and all the updates lucky
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Ashik Nov 9
Replying to @verge
was the first one which allowed users to switch between the dark and light themes.
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Apricot Lennon 🐱🥙 12h
Replying to @Lakristoffer @Windows
Thx for a great article. and the should have had honorable mention, since that is what paved the way for . 😁😉
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Steve Rezhener Nov 6
Replying to @MidnightDBA @sqlpass
TY. Let's try one more time! Luckily there is still a fantasia app on to edit a photo.
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vivek.s.rajiv Nov 17
Hey y r u checking my device whether its r
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KeeP 106 2h
KeeP 106 is now available on the app which supports iOS, , and . Also wearables like and car systems like , Carplay and Radioplayer Car! Just search for 'KeeP 106'
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Gerben Nov 9
My has sadly passed away and i am looking for a budget friendly replacement, i do not play games, camera should be of decent quality and battery life is king, looking at the Samsung S5 and Xiaioming5 and a 3.5 jack , any tips?
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Hannes Preishuber Nov 7
after update Microsoft Mail and Calendar in - app crash on start
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