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Shanya Muhamed 2m
I have only one default make up for work, party, newroz, visits, night outs, date, job interviews, etc and I am happy about it
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Bad Critic! Apr 18
Ahh...NO! Stop, just stop. Who Cares?!
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Sharif Rimmer🇹🇷✊🏿 Apr 17
Replying to @Albumism
it’s all about PRINCE 👑 o+>
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Jussi Hermansen 20h
Replying to @verge
Clear the front page... Breaking news
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sheilaB 16h
disappointed to get no reply, let alone action, after reporting litter issue to my ward councillors online (envirocall button didn’t work). Need for a clean up along the stone wall, down the dip from Melton Park to the racecourse
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T23 4h
Absolute bunch of idiots!!! How did you all get to these marches?? Train?? Bus?? How much paper are u using 4 your stupid banners!!! Go get a job and shut up!!!!
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MMM1990 Apr 17
Still there Wednesday ....
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Chris 11h
AEW is to wrestling like Affliction was to MMA
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Girl Gang HQ 14h
Kinell... Talk about a slow news day
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April Marsh Apr 11
They want royal privileges, taxpayers to fork out millions for their cottage renovation, security, pay for them and the baby for life but don’t want to share details until they are ready. Want privacy, sod off and fund yourselves
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Michele 12h
Hubby thumping his beer bottle repeatedly. Told him I could guess the note within 1 step. He's like, huh? Went to the piano. Guessed it within exactly 1 whole step. Best relative pitch EVER. 🎵🎹
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David Miller 11h
Replying to @jessieflori
Who on Earth is USING blackberry messenger??!?
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AntiSpinners 17h
What else is niderman doing today .....
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Ninja Princess Apr 17
Replying to @ramonasinger @Bethenny
That is a true girls night with your besties!! Love it!!
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Matt Wiley Apr 16
did you happen to catch the crowd reaction at the mention of your name? Nobody cares whether you stay or go. You won't be champion in AEW either cause you botch every other move.
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Adulai Bary Apr 17
Witout forgeting the recent tragedies with loss of lifes in Africa: Mozambique, Mali, Malawi,.... ?
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Brandi Soileau Apr 17
Getting that hair in the 🌬 wind shot juuuuuust right, as this guy behind me lays back, watching, so amused. 👀 . This was my favorite swimsuit I wore on my trip. So comfy and flattering, too. You can’t see it here, but the bottoms have the cutest doub…
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Dave Watson Apr 17
Replying to @3rdDegreeNet
He likes the number, mystery solved.
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Mr. Boyd Apr 17
Some days, it doesn't pay to get out of bed.
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Kyle C 12h
You know what you won't EVER hear about on the podcast? Because it's awesome...politics who gives a shit?
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