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🚬CakeFulminate🇺🇸 Aug 16
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Derrty bird 9h
Replying to @Londonjuju @pilarwish
How can you know about John Kennedy but not this part of voting history??? Oh wait you must of ignored it because it didn’t pertain to you.
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Alfred E Neuman Aug 17
No, just Latinos who put just as much effort in raising their children as Jewish families.
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SiNn 17h
Are you threatening to slap me because you disagree with my beliefs? Wow? And I bet you would get away with it because im brown and your white...
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Robert Chomiak 5h
. We'll never forget your invoking of .
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LibertyCats Aug 15
Replying to @repblumenauer
What do you think Antifa has become? Ever look under those masks they wear to conceal their identities? Unless you think this is it looks like
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Sticky Rice Slut 20h
When white people remind POCs they’re “extremely lucky” they’re not slaves anymore.
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Kashmiri Aug 12
Replying to @air_intel @DefenceHQ
I have so many South African friends and 100% of them blame has ruined SA.
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Jared Mulhair 4h
A little poetry for you this Sunday. Poem: “My Privilege”
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Unions Are America 🇺🇸🦅✊🏾🌹🌊 Aug 13
Replying to @yaf @ScottWalker
$69,000,000 in net assets. Wow, not bad for a little grassroots organization out to spread liberty and .
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Matthew Currie Holmes (MCH) 4h
Let me break down for you. I was $$ poor growing up (still am) I’ve been on welfare, a MediCal recipient, I’ve made approx $5k over the last 2 yrs. Think of a black millionaire. 💯 they STILL fear being the recipient of a hate crime. I do not.
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Angelo John Gage Aug 17
A global cabal is spreading the narrative across the planet. Even in majority non-white counties like Mexico. This shows you that any amount of white people is evil to then and this madness will not stop even when white Americans become the minority.
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David Calloway Aug 17
Replying to @TheMuzlimz
Proud of my privilege. It got me where I am today.
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DanielleMoodie-Mills 5h
Guess who’s back?!? Tune into w/ ! I’m coming back on at 3pm EST to discuss #2020, and more!
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Laura Loyola 20h
English speaking ppl vacationing in 🇲🇽: why don’t they speak English?🤔 Me & every other Mexican: you’re in 🇲🇽 where there are 69 oficial languages none of them English. Aprende otra lengua 🤷🏽‍♀️
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TRUMPENYAHU BENDODONALD (Julian Assanges Cat) Aug 17
If you think is actually a thing....take your family and start a farm in south Africa.
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Zugly747 Aug 17
Replying to @StirlingMorris
So you’re saying if you run into these guys you’ll exercise your by berating them in public?
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lisa zeankowski ✡🕉☯🆘️ Aug 16
While . likes to block people who ask 4 transparency & questioned the insane amount of money she's getting and then trying to now sell a new gimmick called, notice nice guy asking for $ to go to a good cause & same foul mouthed bully showing her 1/2
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@TelemaqueDenVe Aug 16
Replying to @TalbertSwan
Their / doesn't Allow them to See past the noses on their Faces! 😂
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DeeDeeDC Aug 15
RT is the epitome of . His family is Uber rich and ensured he got hired for jobs and kept them....never gets fired
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