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aduboisforge Jun 2
Today I'm finishing up my resume site! Just have to write a resize function, then work out all the kinks on IE and Edge, and I'm done. Ready to move onto the next step!
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aduboisforge May 26
Since it’s after midnight here, it’s not technically the weekend, but I’ve been coding every day this week and enjoying it. I actually took some time off to relax, and that really helped me gain perspective on what I need to do better.
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aduboisforge May 19
My canvas animations work the way I want! Now I have to go through and make my code more organized, I usually love the mental challenge of coding, but not this part. At least I can break up the monotony by watching GOT tonight.
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aduboisforge Jun 9
This weekend I'm building a simple survey app in node.js and I'm realizing just how powerful Node is. Every time I encounter something I can't do and go through the process of figuring it out, I grow as a programmer.
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jQuery Addict 5 May 12
I think I'll end up using after all. (via @MartinHo1mgren)
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TrueTrapper Mar 31
13/52: This week I’ve been creating graphs with JSON data, using Ajax technologies for projects Here is my collection of graphs so far.
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Adrien Duermael 10 Apr 16
Just spent time playing around with Metal & C code to render cubes on my iPhone… 🙃
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Eva Prokop May 6
RT : Just barely still the weekend here. . . this weekend I’m building my resume site, which is much more than a .
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Greg Carbin 20 Apr 18
Replying to @jimmyc42
I always wrote more to justify *not* upgrading. (I suppose that might correlate to larger areal coverage of the outlook.) Somewhere there's also a script I wrote to do outlook word counts.
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