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Paul Aug 13
Replying to @msyolodolo
We’re ripe for domination! For trade deal we will have to agree to chlorine filled chicken etc our public healthcare system getting evermore entangled in the private sector. Boris Johnson wants to turn the UK in to a Singapore-esque financial hub. Signs are all there
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Anonimato Blu 1h
Replying to @mideastrising
Brexit is a joke again we have a date but no plan, when they have to take their own to court over it you know is a massavie mess London has suffered the worst , I live in it it's unbelievable, we care about Assange right now the life of a human being is 1st ! ✌️
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Brooks Aug 15
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El Capitan 8h
Replying to @JohnCornyn
You write laws with that brain?
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Roadkill Wallaby Reef Foundation 💧 Aug 15
There’s probably plenty more Liberal candidates with similar personal opinions - that won. Fucking outrageous.
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Stewart ◢ ◤ Addison 🇪🇺 Aug 16
Discussion on "An alliance to do no deal Brexit" with Christine Hardiness. "Will you support Corbyn if there's no other option?" "Corbyn won't command a majority" Going round in circles, blaming others, and not having a reasonable discussion to resolve things
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Melanie Aug 15
Not going to read this right now b/c my mental health has suffered w/ news over the last week. But this avowed carnivore is going to go prepare a vegetarian dinner for both environmental & nutritional reasons. Won't matter much but I'll feel a little better.
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CJ Strongbow Aug 16
Replying to @Acosta @tedlieu
Nothing to see here... Well soon there won't be...
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adognamedbingo Aug 13
Replying to @AshaRangappa_
No - Seriously. Noooo. It has been steadily amplifying throughout his reign (italics) and has desensitized everyone, including everything. All of the absurdity. I saw it in a cartoon once, but perhaps this is the best way to take over the world.
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mc! Aug 14
Kirchnerism is coming !
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sunshinekj Aug 16
You are disgusting look in the mirror before you judge other people
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Money💵💵💵 Aug 13
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @CNN
A troll has the codes.
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#OhYourGod Aug 14
This is what the office of the president has been lowered to? !
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Bruce MacDonald Aug 11
This nails it: "Tony never got angry, never argued, as if he could see absolutely no point in trying to make someone else agree with him, as if, for him, everyone was lost, so how could one lost person presume to show another the way" -p. 111.
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Baronial Pad Aug 16
Replying to @WhiteHouse
Governing via bumper stickers
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The Liberal Insurgent Aug 10
Gonna go out on a limb and say Epstein DID NOT commit suicide.
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Sie, Esq. Aug 10
It's just a shame no one in the UK likes UK fish
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Wayne 💙💛 Aug 13
These barbarians are 500 years behind in their thinking, beliefs and attitudes. And, in mob mode they would not hesitate to do this to a human.
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austin pietschman Aug 16
This is blowing my mind! Big Brown you didn’t deserve the mini me treatment.
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Me Shell Aug 15
Replying to @MSNBC @amyklobuchar
Hey guess what. We are so not better than this any longer. Thanks to the weak politicians on both sides of the aisle.
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