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PAUL Aug 17
Efl on quest fuckin joke its too obvious they hate leeds wtf
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M 3h
If cyclists require we leave 1.5m of space when overtaking them, how come they are more-than-happy to squeeze through a 12" gap up the inside of my car at traffic lights?
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Jeffo 18h
Replying to @leicesterwhite
what next , kick off 8am on a Sunday
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J&ATheodore 5h
How easy for politicians to say it BUT never have to do it..
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Nicholas Farrugia Aug 17
Villa cost me £166 from 60p
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Chris Rowles 21h
People clapping when it went down 🤦🏼‍♂️, that’s as bad as people clapping when an attendance is read out at a football match
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Bo  Ster Aug 18
If the VAR decision like city’s was against Liverpool everyone would be laughing
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Andy NZ Aug 17
You, Boris and Trump need locking up.
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Johnny Aug 12
Replying to @LH1872
also had the same problem with this venue
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Dennis Combe Aug 12
Selling exclusive broadcast rights in Canada to is the sleaziest move ever in pro football. Rebrand to ESL. You've pissed off enough fans to make a very large 'Stream'. Making 3,000,000 fans angry to please 2 owners of a shady streamer= 0 integrity. 😡
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Paul Andrews Aug 10
Cyclists taking up the whole road and then they’ll probably moan that cars aren’t giving them enough space
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Arslaan Aug 17
Ha Ha City looooool
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Sam 17h
Leicester Palace Watford Westham all flying at the start of the season as predicted by the top pundits paaahhhhhhaaaaaaaa
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Scott Wildman Aug 18
Replying to @TerraceUltra
Every tory then Fran!
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punchingseagulls🤘😂 Aug 18
fucking stupid how we can watch people beating the snot out of each other on Bt sport but have the sound constantly cut out in the post fight interviews because of “bad language” !🙄 like we can teach kids to kick each other in the face but don’t say fuck! 😂
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bwphantom magpies Aug 17
Awaiting the Tweet concerning Riewoldt being fined for diving.
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marcus gibbon Aug 17
Replying to @MaxTHFC_
They barely celebrated when they thought they had won
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tinpot Aug 17
Replying to @MrRyanLeister
Guys a fool. Not just him heard a few saying its a joke now, but all was saying rules rules last week for ours!!
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Cheeky Bastard Aug 17
Archer and Buttler lost my respect today. Giggling when Smith was down in pain.
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Ad Grunt Aug 16
Being murderd and stabbed? How the fuck is this a gender issue?
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