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Theater of the Absurd Aug 23
Kuylen, who farms roughly 1,500 acres of wheat and sunflowers, lost $70 per acre this year, despite growing good crops. Current government subsidies only cover about $15 per acre
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the dnc is a private corporation 3h
remember when fought so hard against that they were all jailed after their last corrupt scheme took billions of tax payer 💰 away from education, health, and humane services? me neither 🤔
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InnerScope Hearing Technologies Aug 23
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Rishabh Vishwakarma Aug 24
RT ecell_nitrr: He did his MBA at Sikkim Manipal University. We feel greatly honoured to announce him as the speaker of Workshop for E-Summit 2019.
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R Aug 18
Replying to @surf_key
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The WallStreet Boys Present: Quit Playing Games With The Markets That can mean only one thing... 's latest comic is here! 😀 Who's your favorite member of the group?
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Woken Token Aug 17
"The future of the industry seems full of possibilities, with a predicted valuation of $10 trillion by the end of next year. Industry experts believe that will replace the financial architecture of ..." 🤯
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CoinLinked 🔗 Aug 21
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Dave Price 3h
My family. My guys. Each one a different journey. Each a different path. Proud of how far each has come and equally hyped to see what the future holds for them all. Camp 2019 ✅
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D Greco 10h
This is what's wrong with the party. We need progressives, not lackey's.
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#BlackWomenForBernie2020 Aug 23
Replying to @bern_identity
especially young families . The american dream of home ownership is difficult to achieve when is working against us. Vote
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I'm no expert. I only covered 6 presidents but I can say with certainty that none of them ever equated a Chair to a communist leader. I also don't recall a presidential "hereby order" tumbling .
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David Sheridan Aug 23
He seems to have stopped talking about , hasn't he?
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Mike Archer 🌻 ⏳ Aug 20
Replying to @soledadobrien
Actually yes it does sound calm and reasonable. Neera Tanden helps warmongering, big pharma, big oil Republicans control Democratic Party leadership. The rebuke is mild given Neera’s disregard for the harm caused by the neoliberal-neoconservative policy she pushes.
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10,000 Horas de Med Aug 23
even the viewers are negative
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Free Fannie Aug 23
Wells Fargo to pay the Navajo Nation $6.5 million in settlement over 'predatory' practices 🤠
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Devil In Disguise Aug 23
Replying to @TzuJack
It's definitely horrible now, as we speak!
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Mohamed A. El-Erian 3h
While still v early, stock futures point to more losses in store for when reopen Monday. S&P (below) and futures are suggesting a 1% drop at the open. are set for even bigger falls given that they closed before Friday's escalation.
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John Felicia 7h
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Zack S Taylor Aug 24
Replying to @OrganizingPower
is as phony as a six dollar bill! she defended a dozen firms while claiming to fight for the & used establishment adviser and to create image despite her record!
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