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ace 6h
Colin Kaepernick is a token black man to separate US
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Huey P. Nov 11
Replying to @J_Shantel_Ro
What? 😁 This so called movement is being promoted by Russian trolls, and case u didn't know we just had a blue wave, so that phony movement didn't make a damn bit of difference. The House committees are gonna nail Trump's ass to the wall! 🔨
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J. Michael Jocelyn 16h
Policial Lynching of Kanye West. from Liberalism. Learn how CNN’s Don Lemon and African American actor Samuel L. Jackson benefit from viciously attacking Kanye West.
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Bruce Wayne Nov 10
DeMOBrats...the Cult of Hatred, Ignorance and Violence!
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CJ Pearson Nov 11
The Left has long labeled the GOP the party of “old white guys”. That label will end with my generation.
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CRTV Nov 10
Brandon Straka () founded the movement because he was SICK and TIRED of being lied to by the radical Left. & co. went where no one from the mainstream media dared to go: the Gala Watch more ==>
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Red Queen 2m
I remember.... But many will conveniently forget.
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Rick Saccone 6h
Can't believe my grandparents voted Democratic this year in Broward County Florida. They NEVER would have done that when they were alive.
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Trump_Party_Deb 53m
Replying to @LauraLoomer
I’m definitely in! One stolen vote = a vote taken from one of our fine military men/women or vote taken away from those who have
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shawn wisener 18h
Wow would have thought 🤔
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JAMES A, PHD⚖🕵 Nov 12
You mean to tell me Arizona voted for a GOP governor by 400,000 votes, but elected a Democrat senator by only 40K? Bridge for sale.🙄 needs to demand a recount and sue over the already-proven illegal votes.
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joseph galasso 10h
How odd they found no republican votes but just enough democrat votes to pull off the 40,000 vote deficit victory... Democrats are evil and they are ok seeing this and not speaking out about it.
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Sinbadtee Nov 11
Brandon Straka Not A Racist Not Bigot Not Homophobe Not Democrat Shirt
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CD Anderson-Sanchez 18h
SAVE THIS ELECTION...Stop the thieves!
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☯ billy jack gisher 21h
NOW ITS 6 DAMN DAYS IN A ROW (After) the election has had ZERO reports about the --A threat that never existed. A load of Bullshit. And Fox news proves to be THE #1 ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.
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Frank Luntz Nov 12
Replying to @FrankLuntz
All in all, was . More voters ‘walked away’ from the GOP than Democrats this year, despite what legions of Twitter accounts with 8-digit suffixes insisted.
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Red Queen 22h
Women's March has become blatant hate!
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Omgitsmama Nov 10
A coworker of mine knows I am a big fan... I supported Ye for years, and I will continue to support him through the hate.
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Zach L. Nov 11
Replying to @OfficeOfMike
Please Michael tell me she didn't actually say that because if she did I have literally and FINALLY found the dumbest quote I could ever read and I so wouldn't be surprised if she did Lol.
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shawn wisener Nov 12
So how did he 😑🤔 help with democrats maybe 🤷‍♂️
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