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WalkAway from the LEFT 19m
The LEFT cares only about ensuring appears a racist bigot, and their constituents remain victims.
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UncleBingo Jan 18
No takeover, spend fuck all this Jan, Rafa walks, relegation, loan the club another £20m it doesn't need, spend the money we should have this season for a promotion charge under Sherwood. Have I missed anything?
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Mark Talmadge 7m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Make America Great Again! Keep up the good work. Democrats behavior is why I walked away from the Democratic Party. Democrats need to talk, to make a deal for funding and to get Democrats to the bargaining table.
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Timothy Thomas 8h
from the communist left democrat party.
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Chacko y que Jan 18
Potentially? That's all you guys talk about is potentially. I was a fan I no longer. Your the news outlet is nothing but divisive and hateful. I was a Democrat now !
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t.b.a. 11m
God, please save our nation, our youth, our police, border agents and our people, not from the gang members and drugs, but from the people who enable them - Chuck and Nancy!
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W. Garrett Myler Jan 16
This is like when leftists say they support the 2nd Amendment...but only for single-action rifles for hunting. These radicals want to "progress" to the point where the Bill of Rights are dissolved.
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Julie Giuliani 11h
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
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Dex Heely & Friends 7h
Replying to @BreitbartNews
I don’t believe her. I think she’s making it up. I hope she sticks around if only to continue to ruin the left’s brand with her rhetoric causing more & more indepentdents to she appeals to only fringe leftists & is doing the GOP a favor every time she opens her mouth.
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Old Grunt Jan 15
Replying to @thekillers
More like "The Decomposing". Or better yet, "The Fecal". Either way you stink. -yawn- Signed, A Ex-Democrat
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Ru$$ianBot 42m
I stand in solidarity with women who reject the liberal hate agenda and divisive identity politics. I from the virtue signaling women’s march toward a more hopeful future where diversity of thought is tolerated and embraced and evidence matters.
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Herr Ruschmann Jan 16
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Lucky13 18h
🤔 Yep, you are 100% correct!
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nathan Jan 18
I will not hide any longer,, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!!
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Jim 3h
Replying to @justicedems @POTUS
I'm glad most Native Americans support . and grow each day as well!
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Robert W. Hall 21h
These people are in business for themselves. Period. Security and success for average American families is the furthest thing on their minds. from Democrats.
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Vinh Nguyen Jan 15
You are not very smart are you?
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☯ billy jack gisher Jan 18
you ain't got no Big Dick Energy because this is all you have to work with.
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Jody 55m
Replying to @ABC
Trump is trying and the Dems are not. We all know that they are full of shit since the Dems all wanted to put a stop to illegal immigration in the past.
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Vanity 18h
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